Keyboard shortcuts (Default)

  9 years ago


Ctrl-Alt-Down Toggle scale

Ctrl-Alt-Up Toggle Expo

Alt-Tab Cycle windows

Cycle backwards

Alt-F2 Run dialog

Super_L Menu Button




Alt-F5 Unmaximize


Alt-F4 Close

Super_D Show desktop

Alt-space Activate window menu

Alt-F10 Toggle maximization state

Toggle fullscreen sate

Toggle shaded state

Increase opacity


Maximise vertically


Windows Tiling

Super-Left Push tile left

Super-Right Push tile Rigth

Super-Up Push tile Up

Super-Down Push tile Down

Ctrl-Super-Left Push snap Left

Ctrl-Super-Right Push snap Right

Ctrl-Super-Up Push snap Up

Ctrl-Super-Down Push snap down


Workspace Management

Ctrl-Alt-Left Switch to Left

Ctrl-Alt-Right Switch to Right

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Left Move window to Left

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Right Move window to Right



Ctrl-alt-Delete Log out

Ctrl-Alt-End Shut down

Ctrl-Alt-l Lock screen

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-r Toggle recording desktop



Ctrl-Alt-t Terminal


Universal Access

Alt-Super-= Zoom in

Alt-Super-- Zoom out

scout 9 years ago

...Thanks for the contribution.
...Some handy strokes.
...I copied the page to my hard drive.
...I opened it in a text editor.
...I deleted everything that I did not need, things I already knew.
...I added a few special key combos I had assigned, ones which I want to use.
...My simplified page, modified from your good idea, was quickly ready.
...From my browser, I chose it as my opening page.
...This allowed me to see it briefly at each browser opening.
...It was handy for me, helping me to learn, as well as making the yet unlearned key strokes easily accessible with a tab opening, if I chose.

...Anyhow, thanks for the helpful offering..;- )

dh110 9 years ago

Put above list together for my own reference initially and thought I'd share. Super Key is the terminology used in Mint for water is otherwise known as the "Windows" key. These are the default keyboard short-cuts on Mint 17 - Cinnamon.

Hammer459 9 years ago

@ericvictor66 I knew that but the average Win user only knows "Windows" key. and there is a dozen or so actions that are listed without the corresponding key.
Once the list is completed it will be quite useful

ericvictor66 9 years ago

"Super" key = "Windows" key between "Ctrl" & "Alt"

Hammer459 9 years ago

Nice list but it is rather incomplete.
There are a large number of shortcuts that are not listed with keys.
What is the "Super" key?
Fix that and it will be a useful list for many.