Install Android Studio in Linux Mint 17 without PPA

  7 years ago

In this tutorial I'm going  to tell you how to install Android Studio in Linux MInt 17 32bit who get error during installation from PPA.



2.Android Studio Installation compressed file

Steps to install Android Studio

1. Install the latest JDK using this link.

2.Download Android Studio Pack from official site, the link 

3.Extract the compressed file, you can now see "android-studio"  directory, copy "android-studio" to any location where you want to install it.

4. Navigate into "android-studio/bin" now right click in to the window and select "Open in Terminal" now Terminal appears.

5.Type " ./ " (without quote) into the Terminal

6.Now Android Installation Wizard starts, and you can customize the installation as you want.

7.It will start to download SDK and other Latest android API and then click Finish.

Hurray you have installed Android Studio. But now there will not be the Menu entry added to our Menu so open the Android studio from terminal (follow steps 4 and 5) go to Tools->Create Desktop Entry.

8.Now you finished everything you need. Start coding and Enjoy.

E3V3A 6 years ago

You don't need Oracle Java , but can do just fine with OpenJDK. Install with: "apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk"...

Hammer459 7 years ago

Then that is a very important part of your Tutorial.
Prerequisite section. This applies if you need android studio in 32 bit version and have problems with the PPA version.

chandrudigi 7 years ago

@Hammer459 Sometimes PPA giving Android studio bugs in 32bit Versions

Hammer459 7 years ago

There is a reason to use repositories and PPA's since that will give apt (and thus Update manager) the possibility of keeping your system up to date, especially with regards to security fixes.