Preview icons for RAW format pictures in Nemo file manager

  6 years ago


I don't see preview icons of RAW format photo files in Nemo file manager.

Tested with:

Linux Mint 17.1 64 Bit, Cinnamon, Nemo file manager, Nikon NEF RAW images. Might work with most other RAW image files, too.

Step 1 - enable previews for large files

RAW image files can be big. By default, Nemo shows only preview icons for files smaller than 10 MB. If your image file size is bigger, change Nemo settings:

  • open Nemo
  • in Menu, chose Edit -> Preferences -> Preview
  • in "Only show files smaller than:" chose 100 MB instead of 10 MB
  • if you can see preview icons now: end of tutorial for you, enjoy your photos!

!! creating preview icons for larger files will slow down directory browsing  !!

Step 2 - install some little helpers

You may need to install three packets:

  • gnome-raw-thumbnailer
  • libopenraw1
  • libopenrawgnome1

In Menu, open Software Manager. Search for the three packets in search field. Double click each packet and press "install".

Hammer459 6 years ago

Very good tutorial