Would You Like to Have a Minty Mouse Theme?

  8 years ago


Although there is a possibility to choose the Mouse Pointer› in cinnamon’s themes settings, there are no specific Linux Mint cursor themes installed by default — which comes as no surprise as LinuxMint-Art.org doesn’t even include a category for cursor themes sad

But the good news is that those X11 mouse themes are easy to find, to install and to use. They are also more or less compatible with most desktop environments, as long as they respect the naming conventions of your distro which bear on Gnome 3.x for the Cinnamon edition, respectively on Gnome 2.x for the MATE edition, and on KDE 4.x for the KDE edition. You should just make sure that the theme you will download is relatively recent, because the naming of the cursor icons changes frequently crying

The installation is as simple as to open the freshly downloaded archive, and to drag the folder inside it into another one named .icons in your home folder, which you must make up before if it doesn’t exist, of course wink

Then, you can choose the new theme under Panel› (or Menu› Administration› System settings›) Themes› Mouse Pointer›, and adjust its size under All Settings› Mouse and Touchpad› Mouse› Pointer Size. If you want your mouse to fit Linux Mint’s characteristic color design, take a look at these themes — and don’t ever blame Linux Mint for being boring cheeky


There is still a bad news, though: as you’ve installed the mouse theme just for yourself, any system window (i.e. belonging to root), e.g. the Software Manager, will keep its ugly pointers — you cannot change those from cinnamon’s settings anyway indecision

So install the package crystalcursors with the Software Manager aforesaid. You configure it (i.e. its green variant) to be the system-wide default with the following command in a terminal:

…$ sudo update-alternatives --set x-cursor-theme /etc/X11/cursors/crystalgreen.theme

That’s it — after the new start of any root window, the mouse pointers will look minty therein too cool

panorain 3 years ago

Thank you for the nice tutorial. I have basically only installed the (crystalcursors) package and then executed the "update-alternatives --set x-cursor-theme /etc/X11/cursors/crystalgreen.theme" command.

MagicMint 7 years ago

@Rebel450: The aquatic Tiger is on my guest account now, and by a curious chance, it has the blue crystal cursor too ;-)

Rebel450 7 years ago

I love the KDE default mouse theme "Oxy" -
it works the same way as per your description.

Rebel450 7 years ago

installed the package crystalcursors with the Software Manager,
worked well also in Ci 17.2.
And it fits well (the blue vaiant) to the Aqua interface ;-)