disable network.http.sendRefererHeader

  6 years ago

when you follow a link from one website to another website, the browser usually sends a "referer header" to the server to tell sites where you came from.
it's easy to disable this if you want to:

-open firefox

-type about:config in the address bar

-search the entry: network.http.sendRefererHeader

-set 0 to disable

Rebel450 6 years ago

Agreed with Xenopeek.
And- do not advise this to all users -
(as described well, when you enter the firefox enhanced settings dialogue...)

good tweak, but not promoted

lib2know 6 years ago

1) run a profile for surfing with this and other privacy technics.
2) run another profile without just to do payments, orders etc.
even nice is running different virtual machines for privacy, payments, banking.

jun-sw 6 years ago

"a lot of websites" is a bit to overdone.
i use it since several months, no negative impacts on "normal" websites, even on webshops

xenopeek 6 years ago

Warning: doing this breaks a lot of websites, especially payment processors used by webshops.

jun-sw 6 years ago

"paranoid is the new freedom" ;)

Hammer459 6 years ago

Helpful for us paranoid :-)