Programming GUI apps in C# (mono)

  9 years ago

As every programmer, I used to have a few of my own Delphi apps in Windows. After switching to Linux, I had few options:

  • wine (run Win apps directly)
  • to learn some graphical toolkit and language
  • Lazarus (free-pascal Delphi like GUI)

I needed something quick and clickable :) And OOP of course. After some time and experiments it became more obvious that solution will be mono - an open source implementation of C#. In pair with Gtk# (GUI toolkit for mono) it is IMHO the cleanest and easiest way for OOP guy to start writing small apps.

I don't think that it makes sense to write about how to code in C#, but IMHO it is good to know that in Linux Mint you can easily develop and run C# apps with GTK interface. It took me some time to find this out and more time to learn to actually do things, so I write this mainly as tip - "Hey guys, Linux GUI apps in easy c# way!".

So please, If you are interested about some how-to or want to participate in this tutorial, let me know (PM, comments). Or write me that it is complete loss of time and I will let it go :)