How to create OpenVPN Connection in Network manager

  7 years ago

How to create an OpenVPN connection under Network Manager

1. Make sure you have OpenVPN and network-manager-Openvpn installed.

2. Download your OpenVPN config fron your VPN service.

3. Extract the downloaded archive or go to the downloaded .ovpn file and open it in a text editor.

4. Copy the texts from - - - - BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- to END OF CERTIFICATE and paste it on a new text document and save as filename.crt

5. Open Network Settings and import a saved OpenVPN configuration.

6. Click on create and browse the ovpn file you just downloaded.

7. Go to the AUTHENTICATION part and select PASSWORD. Enter your Username and Password given by your VPN provider.

8. Click on CA CERTIFICATE and browse the .crt file you created above.

9. Save and exit.

10. Now you have the VPN connection on network manager.

Move the slider to connect, simple and fast

When conected, you will see a notification.

Thanks for viewing, hop this help.

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