Setup D-Link DAP-1360

  6 years ago

To get acces to the web interface using Linux Mint connecting through an ethernet cable.

The first step is to go to Network Preferences and select wired .

Then select IPv6 and turn it off as shown below



Then go to IPv4 and select MANUAL in the Adresses section.

Then type in the next IP Adresses:

IP address:

subnet mask:



As shown here:


Leave DNS in automatic mode.

After that below, Rout turn automatic option off and put the same adresses as above:



Hit the apply botton.

Now connect your D-link device an you can type  in your browsers adress bar and  should get directed to: 



You can add a profile to save preferences.


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Thanks to oilinki form


picohat from

MagicMint 6 years ago

Is the gateway address pre-configured ? What, if I want to use DHCP with the device ? The use case you’re describing is just your own configuration — there could be others. So some more explanation would be welcome ;-)