Sharing data for help in IRC

  5 years ago

Sometimes you need to share information from your computer to get help from the nice people in IRC.

They all work the same.

For text (like from terminal) copy the stuff you want to share and paste it into the box on one of the sites, click submit, and share the resulting URL back to the help channel.

For a screenshot, take your screenshot, save it somewhere on your computer, open your web browser and go to one of the sites and upload your screenshot. Share the resulting URL back to the help channel.

You are encouraged to list your favorite site in the comments. Please specify whether the site is for text or images and whether or not the site gains ownership, has annoying ads, etc.


Share Text (recommended) (excellent for code) (annoying ads)


Share Images (like screenshots) (no account required but is useful to have one) (Not recommended; site owns all files; you cannot control nor delete them) (I've never been there but see it used often)

badbodh 5 years ago

include inbuilt stuff: |pastebin,gist-paste (pastebinit never works anyway, boohoo)
gist-paste is also https, for tin-foil hats. needs to be on that list, no ads, guaranteed expiry.

Also tell about basic inxi commands (because what are they supposed to paste anyway? lyrics to rick astley ?) and how to save a screenshot (print scr > Pictures, or scrot > $HOME)