Accessing nfs shares seamlessly in your company with Mint

  9 years ago

Find your user id and group id on your corporate server

  • login using ssh or rsh and issue grep -i [username] /etc/passwd
  • your user id is usually the 3rd field, your group id is usually the 4th.  They are numeric values

Create a new Mint user account using the user id and group id found on your corporate server.  Alternatively you can edit the values found in Mint's /etc/passwd file. (remember if you do this then you'll have to recursively call chown and chgrp on your home to reflect the new values)

Install autofs
edit /etc/auto.master as root sudo gedit /etc/auto.master
uncomment #/net    -hosts (/net    -hosts)
restart autofs sudo /etc/init.d/autofs restart

You can mount any nfs export in your company (provided your user id matches your user id on the nfs filesystem) on /net  (/net/[nfs server]/[nfs export])


wmahuron 8 years ago