Error Update manager

  5 years ago

Sometime in january, I noticed that the Update manager now gave you the opportunity to pick mirrors closer to home, in essence, to speed upi the update process. However, I noticed that no matter which mirror I chose, I kept getting the error message: Error some files and folders could not be updated etc... So, basically, for three months i could not do a single update. I Googled the error, and visited literally hundreds of forums within and without the Linux community. The most common fix suggested was to play around with the Mirrors until the problem was resolved. needless to say, this just didn't work. The other popular suggestion as to go into the root directory and start removing code. Frankly. that just scares me.

If any of you have had the same problem, this is how I resolved the issue. And I have to admit, it was just 100% good old fashioned luck!!

Open Update manager=>Help=>Preferences=>Ignored Updates(Remove all listed updates)=>Apply=>exit. Click Refresh and HEY PRESTO the program is up and running again.

I hope this will somehow help the hundreds of frustrated people I met in the forums..

Hammer459 5 years ago

This is good information but it is not a Tutorial. It is excellent problem solving that you should post in the Forums