Activate Internal Microphone in Acer AspireOne D250

  12 years ago

In this HowTo present the solution to the problem of a lack of internal microphone, available in some laptops / netbooks.

Skype for Linux distributions uses the PulseAudio sound server. Often, the internal microphone does not record sound audio.

HowTo applies to virtually any Linux distribution, however, due to some significant differences between the various distributions, I will present a walkthrough of the family of systems Debian (Debian / Ubuntu / Mint).

Install the latest version of Skype for our distribution.

Launch Skype.
Go to the audio settings of the program.
Uncheck the audio settings of Skype "Allow Skype to automatically adjust the volume level." Close the program.

In the terminal execute the command:


press F5 and go right on Capture. Hit the spacebar.
Then press the up volume set sound recording (optimally at about 70%)
Just press the keyboard letter Z and completely silenced the left channel.
We close alsamixer pressing Esc.

Fire up Skype and make a test call.

vinzg 9 years ago

Thank you for this trick!!

dama227 10 years ago

Thanks! it really worked great also with my acer aspire one D255 with mint 13.

mrdooba 10 years ago

Thanks! This worked for me on my Acer Travelmate when I upgraded from Julia to Maya.