Fix Canon LBP 2900 CCPD Start

  2 years ago

After Install LBP2900 Driver and Configuration [Print Success]

But Restart System and Any Document Print [Print Error or Not Working...

Because not start ccpd [service/driver/etc... ]

I use Canon LBP2900 Printer Without any Error After Restart System.

Following Steps are Auto Start ccpd

1. Open Terminal and Type: sudo visudo

Press CTRL+R and CTRL+T

1. Enter on .. (parent dir)
Enter on .. (parent dir)

2. Enter on .. etc (dir)
and Find rc.local and Enter.

3. Find #By default this script does nothing. and After add below line
/etc/init.d/ccpd start

4. Press CTRL+O and CTRL+T Goto .. etc (dir) and find rc.local and
Enter (Means Overwrite). Press Y and Press X.

Note: Press Y means Capital Y not press small y.

5. Exit Terminal

6. Restart System

7. Print any Document... Every Time...