Surface Pro 4 Mint 18.3

  4 years ago

This tutorial is for everybody who DON'T ENCRYPT DISK !!!
If you encrypt disk, pleas skip this tutorial.

Recomended for fresh install casuse of frequent lost  internet connection on Surface Pro 4, which is annoying and requires reboot every time.

What to do:
>Install microcode driver in "Driver management"
>Go to "Synaptic Package Manager" -->Settings--> Preferences--> and SELECT "treatment of recommended packages as dependencies"
>Set "always update everything" in "update manager"
>Change your mirror servers in "update manager" for faster.
>After completing the above activities, you can refresh updates and install updates in "update manager"
>Reboot computer
>After reboot your touch-pad start work normally
>Download Jakeday kernel and other things, then install it.

There is link how install it:

>After install wifi works perfectly, touchscreen works fine and many thigs are repaired.

>Optionally you can remove old Linux kernels

remoulder 4 years ago

This can hardly be called a tutorial!