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 Pulseaudio - Disable autoswitching to new devices(module-switch-on-connect)

Just done upgrade to 18.04 and found Pulseaudio module that may be causing the problem

new in configuration file etc/pulse/ for 18.04:

  ### Use hot-plugged devices like Bluetooth or USB automatically (LP: #1702794)
load-module module-switch-on-connect

Disable this module to stop usb device grabbing default when plugged in

sudo nano etc/pulse/

and comment out load-module command

 ### Use hot-plugged devices like Bluetooth or USB automatically (LP: #1702794)
#load-module module-switch-on-connect

Better option is copy etc/pulse/ to home folder

cp /etc/pulse/ ~/.config/pulse/

Pulseaudio user configuration in home overrides default configuration.
don’t need sudo to make changes.
If changes cause problems can delete home folder configuration and revert back to default easily

Tags: ps4 controller, hot-plugged, new sink, pulseaudio, 18.04, Mint 19,, bluetooth, load-module, module-switch-on-connect, pulseeffects, USB audio
Created: 3 months ago.
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