enter password to unlock your login keyring

  2 years ago

On line lmde 3 I executed the command CTRL + ALT + F1 and entered tti1 typed his username and password, but now he always asks me to "enter the password to unlock your login key" when I run the password entry system?
This is how I solved the problem so I do not have to type in the code, but to log in automatically.
Solution of the problem
Simply in the start menu / accessories / password and keys right click on the login and select the change password.To leave a blank field and click on the "continue" and restart your computer. After that, you no longer require the password to "enter password to unlock your login keyring".

shartt 2 years ago

Thank you very much

remoulder 2 years ago

This is not a tutorial, please use the forums for chat and support