How to connect a Wireless HP Printer to Linux Mint Tricia 19.1?

  4 months ago

You don't have to install hp ink tray service or use the printer dialog box. You just need to follow these 9 easy steps to complete setup of your Wireless HP Printer.

  1. Switch on the power button of your wireless printer.
  2. Wait for some time until the name of your printer or the manufactured factory name is shown up in your wireless wlan list.
  3. Click and discconect from your WLAN and connect to the printer network.
  4. Type in Wireless Printer Manufactured password, afterwards you can change the name and password.
  5. Go to the document you want to print.
  6. Setup some pages.
  7. After click on the print destination by clicking on your printer name.
  8. Click on 'OK' by configuring print settings.
  9. Your Document will now being printed.

Thanks for reading my article.