A Short Beginner Tutorial in Helping Users Add Jyutping as Input Method

  2 months ago

As a beginner in using linux mint, I find adding jyutping (粵拼) as an input language quite complicated. After searching for a few hours, I have finally found the method that works. It turns out to be quite easy, so this tutorial would not be long.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to package manager
  2. Install fcitx-table-jyutping
  3. After installing fcitx-table-jyutping, go to the "start menu" and go to "input method". On the top of the window, select 'fcitx'
  4. Go to traditional Chinese, install the packages there
  5. Follow the steps there, and you will successfully have jyutping input in your computer!

There aren't many resources in teaching how beginners can use jyutping in linux. It maybe difficult for beginners to find the suitable package to install. I hope my short tutorial would be useful to beginners who speaks Cantonese!