Make LInux Mint look almost like Windows 8.1

  3 weeks ago

How to make Linux Mint almost look like Windows 8.1

Upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Linux Mint but tired of the Linux Mint default interface?

  1. Open any browser and go to Google and search "Windows 8 Metacity"

  2. Install the theme here:

  3. Go to files and click the download button.

  4. Extract the theme to user/home/.themes/.

  5. Install The icon pack here:

  6. Extract the icon pack to user/home/.icons.

  7. Open "Themes" and change the window theme to any color of the Windows 8 Metacity theme, Change the GTK theme to "Mint-X Aqua", the cursor to "Win 10" and change the Cinnamon taskbar theme to any Mint-Y color (The light mode one).

  8. Install the cursor theme here:

  9. Extract the theme to the directory above.

        Here's the result:

Linux Mint almost transformed into Windows 8.1

Hope this tutorial helps!