How To Check SSD Health in Linux

  6 months ago

How To Check SSD Health In Linux

If you’re running Linux, the simplest way to check SSD health is through to the command line tool smartctl. This is a part of the smartmontools package, which will be need to be installed prior to checking your SSD health in Linux.

Step 1: Install the smartmontools package with the command “sudo apt install smartmontools”.

 sudo apt install smartmontools

Step 2: Run the command “sudo smartctl -t short -a /dev/sdX” (in place of sdX, use the name of your SSD). This will run a short test that takes approximately 2 minutes.

sudo smartctl -t short -a /dev/sdX 

Step 3: When the test is completed, run the command “sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX” to display the results.

sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX

The most important attribute to look for is “Wear_Leveling_Count”, which indicates the remaining stamina of the drive out of 100. As this number reaches to zero, your SSD is nearing failure.

credit: check-ssd-health-step-by-step-guide

easyt50 4 months ago

Linux Mint - Under program "Disks", I do not see the option to check Smart Data.

Jeremy2 4 months ago

The “Wear_Leveling_Count” starts at zero and increases up to 100, for some Manufacturers, eg Samsung devices.

pinewheel 5 months ago

Thanks, remoulder. The menu is so hidden up there in the title bar, i would have never clicked on it. The more obvious menu with the gear icon does not contain that option. Nor does the other almost obvious menu with the three dashes icon. When i see a menu in a title bar, my microsoft windows conditioned intuition is that this command is related to the window manager only. Its how microsoft snapin control panels work.

remoulder 6 months ago

The simplest way is to use the already installed Disks utility and just click the Smart Data & Self-Tests option in the menu for the selected drive