How to install Android Applications from Linux Mint terminal to your Android phone

  1 year ago

How to install Android Applications from Linux Mint terminal to your Android phone

For you if wanna install Android apps (APK/Android Package Manager) but the APK olny in your Linux PC/Laptop and you don't have time for transfer file to your Android phone, don't be panic ! 

I wanna share you how to install APK to your phone without transfer APKs file and access to your file manager. This things only need USB Data cable (whatever you want use Type A or Type C, depending your phone's mini-USB slot), Have to activate Developer options on your Android phone, and only terminal and APKs file on your Home folder. So, without longest talk let's get started.


Activate Developer options on your phone

You need first to activate developer options on your phone. Usually, developer options always hidden in Settings and you need to discover a options with Touching kernel versions, build versions, or another informations on your About phone. You can find tutorial how to show developer options on your Android phone model for do it this. If your'e already have activated Developer options, activate USB Debugging and activate options "Verify apps over ADB" so you can install APKs without problem if you're already activate USB Debugging options and "Verify apps over ADB" options. So now let's jump to next step.

Open your teminal apps and install ADB components

Next step, you've need to open terminal app and install ADB components using this command :

$ sudo apt install android-adb-tools

Click ENTER and wait for checking APT, if there need your confirm, enter "Y" or "yes". Wait a component installations until complete. Don't forget to plug-in USB cable data to your phone and make USB debbuging active. If installation completed, let's jump to next one step.

Create new tab/window on Terminal and let's install the APKs to your phone

Okay, now you open new tab or window of Terminal your'e using. After that, enter commands :

$ adb install .apk

For you don't have understand, there is example :

$ adb install Blibli.apk

$ adb install Minecraft_1.18.apk

So after entering command, if shows "daemon running" please to accept RSA debbuging signatures on your phone and make it always accept the RSA signatures from your PC/Laptop so you don't need to accept RSA signatures again in the next future. And, if in terminal shows "searching device" and back to console terminal, enter again commands like above command. After that, wait a installing progress until shows "Complete" and apps has been installed on your phone from your PC/Laptop directly.

So that's my tutorial today, and I hope you understand and let to try it. See you next tutorial


remoulder 1 year ago

This is an area to post tutorials for Linux Mint, not Android phones. This generic information is widely available on the internet, and does not need to be repeated here.