How to use p7zip with all its features in other desktops than Gnome?

  10 years ago

How to use p7zip with all its features in other desktops than Gnome?

   I wanna talk and show a nice & cool trick about using passworded archives, a large file or many files set to more volumes divided and passworded as well but 7z format.

   When you install p7zip or p7zip-full by CLI in terminal or by any package manager, you can use it with all its features but in Gnome and Nautilus together.

   To be in picture - you can use it by right button click on a file or on selection of files and choosing compress. Then you can select 7z format, set password, set to create more volumes and how large the volumes should be etc. It works perfect in gnome and Nautilus.

   I've tested p7zip in KDE of Mint as well as Kubuntu 10.10. Unfortunately it didn't work with all those features like: I couldn't in Dolphine file manager to set the size of volumes as well as to set the password sad

   Ok, let's try to install nautilus in KDE. Hmm, nice idea but - didn't work also indecision
While browsing the net (and browsing really very long to find any useful tip) I've found some CLI tips but now I won't write more about CLI, however you can type in terminal 7z -h for help how to use it.

   After any longer time I've finally found a tip of downloading peazip but older version (althoug the current is 3.4) so I've tried to use that trick but setting the latest version number cheeky

Yep ! It worked perfectly ! All the magic is - to type this in terminal:


When a newer version is on, just try the same but change the actual number in that command, it should work.

enlightened  For for the latest versions check this:

   After downloading the peazip.deb you can find it in your home folder (e.g. /home/elisa/...) where you have just to click on it due it's the .deb file.
After successful all dependencies control and successful installation you can look it up in your menu typing peazip or run in terminal
peazip &

enlightened   One additional note: when you create a 7z archive(s) and wanna test it, in KDE is native archive tool Ark. But Ark has some problems to open it - was opening too long, don't know why...

   If you'll have the same problem, simply install to KDE "file-roller" from your repository.
File-roller is a cool tool as well as the peazip which works very well in KDE (gnome users won't need it).



Additional notes

enlightened    It's possible to zip file(s) or folder(s) even in Konqeror when you have installed all that above + peazip also by right button click on desired file(s) / folder(s) and from menu select Compress (and select peazip).

   If you cannot find such item, you can surely do that by selecting "Open with..." ----> and then select from new appeared window: Utilities ----> Peazip

   It's a bit quicker than first opening peazip and then selecting desired files.
It's on you what is more comfortable for you ;)

enlightened   I made a Nautilus script for gnome users which will help you to extract 1 or more archives with just 2 clicks.

   Download Extract_to Nautilus script from:

   When downloaded and extracted from the 7z archive (you will download Extract_to.7z archive), copy that script to :


   Set the script permissions to: 744

   And now you just have to close Nautilus and open it again.
Then select 1 or more archives, right button click on them and select from context menu:
Scripts ----> Extract_to

See the example screen-shot:

 More about Nautilus scripts have a look at:

   I'd appreciate your ideas what else to add to that script, improvements or any changes or just your opinion, if you've found it useful or not. Thanx wink




P.S. The latest peazip versions where download from, check here:

The .deb packages are on Linux page:

=> <=

Elisa 10 years ago

P.S. watching your pic, if your question mentioned to the Nautilus script, now I am not sure (have to to switch to gnome :-) due I am on KDE now :) and check it out) but I am afraid it wasn't possible to extract more than 1 files with like "one move". That's why I've done such script which could be for someone helpful... ;-)

Elisa 10 years ago

To: Cokedude: I am not sure what u exactly mean: as for my using Gnome/Mint 9 you don't need anything mentioned in this article. These my experiences and how-to suggestions are tested in Mint 9 KDE edition. As I mentioned in your thread in the forum, just simple archiving/extracting works in Dolphin too. But if you would like to zip to e.g.7-z format but also to set password, (more) volumes and encrypting inner content/names of archive files inside, you will need something more, in Dolphine, not in gnome.
If having any questions or having suggestions, just send me a PM. I'll update this article if I'll check out another better solution... ;-)

COKEDUDE 10 years ago

I already have that option for extracting a archive in 2 clicks. Are you by any chance using a old version of Linux Mint or Nautilus?

Elisa 10 years ago

Just updated info about PeaZip:
For for the latest versions check this: