Changing your grub image the EASIEST way!

  12 years ago

For those who "bored" already with the cmd line.... LOL! :)

1) edit any pic/gfx/dsgn of your choice to 640x480 pixels with GIMP then save as "linuxmint.png"

2) then go to /boot/grub folder .. highlight the original 'linuxmint.png" file on that folder, and copy to "home" or "desktop" or any folder you like -- for the sake of backup the original image, just in case if you like to restore it back.

3) after that, go back to the modified image of "linuxmint.png" .. highlight .. right click button .. choose "Open as administrator"

4) when the image is open, click Image -> Save as... then find back the /boot/grub folder ... then save inside the folder... when ask your permission to overwrite the image.. just click yes..

then, reboot your pc/laptop.. and wallaaaa.. your NEW grub image already boot up... *wink*

p/s:  above procedures work PERFECTLY on my Julia.. dunno whether it's work on you.. use the notes at your own risk! LOL! :)

cheers and have a nice day....


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Elisa 12 years ago

Thanks for the idea. I'll check it out. This way I do imagine the constructive critics... :-)

blacx 12 years ago

remoulder: thanks for sharing! :)

remoulder 12 years ago

Elisa: remove the executable flag on /etc/grub.d/06_mint_theme then see Splashimages.html#GRUB2_splashimages
Granted this is slightly more work than the method here but shouldn't be overwritten by updates.

blacx 12 years ago

remoulder: it is the easiest way so far. you can doing it any time if you like (if being overwritten by updates). no harm can be done. cheers mate! :)

the easy way so far is from trenches [ ] but still require you to use the prompt. my method is considered the "lame" way, so feel free to be l337 if you like, up to you.


Elisa 12 years ago

Just wondering, why remoulder won't post a better solution. I am sure most of us would be interested in any better one...

remoulder 12 years ago

Any changes you make this way are likely to be overwritten by updates.