[HOW TO] Mount ISO Image Without Burning Them

  8 years ago

For various reasons,you may want to use ISO images without burning them,and you just need to mount them in a easy way.

First,create a directory which you want to mount ISO images to by running following command in terminal:

sudo mkdir /media/ISOimage

Then,add the loop module to your kernel,so it is possible to mount a compressed filesystem file:

sudo modprobe loop

Change directory where ISO images located:

cd /iso-images-directory

Now,use following command to mount ISO image:

sudo mount iso-image-name.iso /media/ISOimage/ -t iso9660 -o loop

replace “iso-image-name.iso”to your ISO image.
And,use this command to umount ISO image:

sudo umount /media/ISOimage

jahid_0903014 5 years ago

Now mounting iso only takes a double click...

whitetiger2 5 years ago

I think this tutorial is incorrect. The user would not be able to mount any CD/ISO because of root-file locks and because "fstab" requires the creation of a mount point. I offer the alternative method below: (cr) is return key

>$ su - (cr) # makes user root
>$ mkdir -p /mnt/CD1.iso (cr) # create mount point.
>$ mount -o loop /mnt/CD1.iso # load ISO file in continuous mode.

This method can be verified on debian how2: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-mount-iso-image-under-linux.html

cheers, Lee Berry @LeeWhiteTiger