Wine basic

  10 years ago

If you need some windows program, you can use the wine emulator.
There are 16281 applications currently in the wineHQ database.
I use some language cd, dvd. This start autoran.exe program. For this reason I set the wine.
I installed wine accross the synaptic:

By synaptic

I have got some extra font packages.

ttf fonts

After the install I can run stup.exe program from the cd:
$ wine setup.exe

wine setup.exe

After that in the /home directory, in the .wine folder, I found the need program for the cd start:

~ $ .wine/.../wine "someprogram".exe

Program is running

The program is running, the sound is ok. I did not need nothing setup extra parameter, or modify the config files.
You can use another win program.

You can find some information:

gonye 10 years ago

Hi, yes, but just an example. B-)

Elisa 10 years ago

Hi, BTW the app 'new akademia' is it a language stuff? :)