Installing & Customizing my Samsung NP 150 plus Netbook for Linux A guide for Newbie

  11 years ago


The samsung N150 sleek netbook, which I brought last month,has a sleek black finish,screen is matte,quite trendy to look at. I purchased one with Windows 7 starter edition preinstalled,because I was afraid I might not get drivers.

Windows 7 starter is a crippleware, you can not change the desktop wall paper, seems to run much slower, and so much samsung company bloatware. Also preinstalled Norton antivirus trial reminding you that you got only 59 days to go before your netbook will be devoured by virus scum!

Installing Mint Linux 10 Julia

I decided to Install Linux Mint 10 julia, on the Netbook and got hold of Iso image.

I brought Linux For You India january edition containg Mint Linux, Which I installed on my Desktop, I really love Mint Linux 10. From my Mint Desktop,I created a live usb using create Start up Disk Creator Usb tool in Admin tools section.I guess it can be done in Live CD also.


Changing BIOS in Samsung Np150 Netbook

To enter BIOS F2 needs to be pressed, this is important as rapid boot is enabled by default and this screen scrolls off fast. F4 is for recovery in this device. I had to chage bios to boot order and choose USB hard disk option in BOOT Menu of Netbook BIOS.


I created free space in last pertition using Windows partition tool,Windows Desktop,

My Computer,Management,Disk & Partitions.

Same could have been done with Linux Live USB, Adminstration choose Gparted.

Warning : Avoid Resizing or moving Windows 7's Partition,I guess this can lead to loss of Genuine windows 7 validation,which happens at the drop of a hat.

Chose Ext4 file system, Mint Linux needs at least few GB space, I allcated 15GBs for Mint.
Mint Linux 10 installed into Netbook without any hitch. I installed Mint 10 into last partition and set up GRUB there.

I was afraid that setting up GRUB into MBR would lead to loss of Genuine windows 7 validation,heard it happened to somebody.
This Microsoft Issue troubles Genuine Windows software users[like me] more than pirated ones.Which would be a big loss for me,as I paid 2000 rupees for win 7 starter.

To give you a idea how expensive is Windows 7 starter in India, this would amount to half month pay as General intern or quater of my months pay as ENT resident.



I used EasyBCD to create a boot entry in my Windows 7 start up menu. EasyBCD is a superb freeware from Neosmart Technology can be found free download at

It automatically creates a entry for grub inside win7 menu Neosmart Grub linux.This saves the MBR corruption and genuine validation issue.

I chose Linux from win 7 boot up menu and lo Mint booted up like a MAGIC! No windows 7 tampering, No MBR tampering, No validation worry, LINUX MINT Rocks!

My Netbook function keys got working immediately. But Brightness and Wifi key were not working. I looked into Google Wiki for My Netbook and found this useless dangerous link

Here Garbage link:

Much of this is gibbrish. Do NOT use the shell script without clear understanding. I am a imtermediate tweaker and programmer,but I don 't understand it fully. I ended up corrupting keyboard input. I could not log on into linux. End I had to reformat and reinstall Mint Linux.


Connect to Internet

Just switch on bluetooth on any GPRS enabled phone and click bluetooth icon choose add device, add the phone, use phone Dial Up Network to connect to internet,answer few simple questions,[India and Indian GPRS cell phone operators were listed![ Mint will automatically create GPRS mobile internet for U! Works like a charm!


Adding Samsung Packages

You need to add Voria ppa repository in your Mint Linux package manager. Goto to synaptic package manager,

Settings From Menu,Repository,Other Software, Add Choose package, sources, add repository.

Type in  this command


or use following command in terminal Connect laptop to internet

Sudo add-apt-repository ppa:voria/ppa

Enter password.

Search for Samsung Install Samsung wireless, Samsung tools, Samsung gui.

Goto Additional drivers in Administration sction,for  3rd party driver, and choose Search Install two drivers Samsung backlit driver Broadcomm wireless driver

Mine is broadcomm, Realtek and Atheros cards are others on board N150. Restart.

Function keys will start working and Ur Linux Mint is ready to go!!!


Possible Problems

1.Installing voria repository made Native Mint software install program unstable and unusable. Synaptic works fine though. Remove voria repository from synaptic once all drivers are installed fixes this problem.

2. USB Mouse starts freezing. You have to click start its light. THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM, I have no solution. Disconnect and reconnect the usb again and again is only solution.

Others have posted same issue, without any solution.

Any queries, comments I will answer, if contacted personally, regarding samsung NP 150 plus Email me at

kephalian 10 years ago

Linux Mint 10 Julia USB freezing

I am very sorry the USB freezing up is NOT A Malfunction or error. It is a power saving feature of the slow down manager, that cuts power to idle USB device. This happens to frequently to be irritating, but it is only a feature, not a bug.

kephalian 10 years ago

Mint Linux 11 Katya

This version of Mint seems to have multiple issues, regarding stability and reliability. NOT RECOMMENDED for any computer, please use version 10 which is the best. Not compatible with Netbooks. Same advice goes for Ubuntu Linux 11. If at all you want to use Ubuntu please use 10.

kephalian 10 years ago

Mint Linux 11 Katya

This version of Mint seems to have multiple issues, regarding stability and reliability. NOT RECOMMENDED for any computer, please use version 10 which is the best. Not compatible with Netbooks.

kephalian 10 years ago

List of error messages in version 11
1.Persistent error :
vesamenu.c32: Not a COM32R image Error message Live USB boot
2. Could not find kernel
3. Live is not a kernel image
4. Unknown keyword in configuration file
5. Long error, telling me I have to run chkdsk /r on pendrive then reboot to resume install.
6. No virtual file system found
7. Blank screen, freezing, no message

NO resolution for these errors. Tried two downloads. Three ways of making USB Unetbootin, Startup disk, and Universal USB[from pendrive linux]. Usb installs fine on desktop. Better not install version 11 Katya on this machine.