Remastersys - Unetbootin (Backup complet System including your data┬┤s).

  10 years ago

Install: Remastersys.


Copy and paste the following line - tools - software sources - in other software - Add:
deb karmic

Install: Unetbootin via de repro´s (synaptic).

Start Remastersys.
Choose - Backup Complete Backup System Including user data.
Captured (Backup) ISO 3.8 GB in my state> Computers> Home / Remasterys / Remastersys.
The size of the ISO made depends of course on what is on your PC is ... but you probably already suspected was not true.
(You must of course first from reproductions Unetbootin install to your bootable USB flash drive (6 GB) file).
Of those with ISO makes you so Unetbootin a bootable USB stick.
In herinstall via USB flash drive backup remastersys choose> install-start the installer directly.
Who lived and continue to fill the 7 questions after 11 min, put everything back.
After installing (copying) is all the configurations which traditionally includes icons etc back on it.
But in Ubuntu - Mint, he has now removed Popularity Contest + ubuntu standard, so just remove the empty package in synaptic (leftovers so).
Warning you may not be a Distro upgrades do more of, eg 10.10 to 11.04, or I do not know Julia, but a fresh install either is a must.
Then just run two times change in synaptic package and ready.
Then go to System - Administration - Login screen and you can put him back on any automatic notification, if desired.
Oh yeah folder in your computer> Home / remastersys / remastersys is empty again .. Good riddance.    Full 7zip who came up with Unetbootin Unetbootin and leave.
In your home folder is a folder with a lock (not just hidden files in your Home folder) .. right click and delete no problem everything is tested.
Altogether it cost me 13 minutes.                                                                                                                     
In a normal install: including demolition, push and pull work progjes install, configure etc all complete takes me over 4 hours of work.
So a big job cut out over 3.5 hours to find a very good result.

I can not speak English so this is translated through / language tools.
Sorry for any writing errors.


Please If you say no and then - points, said honest and say why.
Only thus can be learned.

Thinker 9 years ago

Wanda there are two options in remastersys- Backup and Distribution. I want to create customised LinuxMint with pre-installed softwares and visual customizations that I want. Although I created iso using Distribution option, can you please clarify 1. How Backup is Different from Distribution?
2. One can copy his content to removable media manually for safety from loss. How backup tools like remastersys are helpful? Do they provide more options?

wanda 10 years ago

I still use it regularly and am very satisfied with it.
Of course if your PC stomps full videos or anything else .. yes you have a problem.
But these things are external HDDs and USB sticks not true.
Remastersys is very interesting for all of your configurations etc.

blackoutworm 10 years ago

Remastersys is dead to me now, and has been for a few years now. I find it pretty much useless since I can only backup 4gb. The software would be very useful if they could not have that dumb limit.