User Switching menu off

  8 years ago

User Switching menu Off.

In the shutdown screen which allow you to choose "Switch User".
This works sometimes bad.
Besides, this system anyway at the expense of force: the first user session remains in memory.
Therefore, you should not use this option.
So prefer "Unsubscribe".
This log User A full afvoordat you log on as user B.
Completely remove this option from the shutdown menu, proceed as follows:
Utilities - Tools - Terminal:
type in (copy and paste)


Click to:
desktop - gnome - lockdown
Place a tick: disable_user_switching

Then click through to:
apps - gnome-screensaver
Remove the checkmark from:

Made Google trans´.

cork 4 years ago

This would have worked a few years ago. However, the process is slightly different.
My tutorial on this can be found here:
You do not need gconf-editor.

LONNIEFUTURE 8 years ago

Great tip Wanda thank's!

wanda 8 years ago

Thanks you.

efthialex 8 years ago

Nice tip,thank you!