10 years ago

Copy websites to your hard disk.

Copying an entire website to your hard drive, you can do with httrack.

httrack is a terminal program, but it's user friendly and easy.
There is also a graphical interface, webhttrack.
But this is more difficult to operate and become unstable.
webhttrack, I definitely do not.
httrack in Ubuntu is just in the repository, so install at: System - Administration - Synaptic package manager.
Tap, after installation, simply httrack in the terminal and press Enter.
If you get forward options, just press Enter. Because the proposed option is always the right.
Next, the stored website in the folder "sites" in your home directory.
Starting point is the index.html file that you can simply double click and it opens in Firefox.
Note: httrack standard copy an entire site, including all content, including movies and the like.
Be careful what you wish to copy, because before you know it your whole hard drive is full.

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mikeeve 10 years ago

I use htttrack to grab tutorials and manuals for offline viewing. A few quirks but useful. I haven't needed it, but httrack includes filters which may be useful to prevent downloading movie and other large files.

p.s.: new to mint, your posts are very useful.

ivy_s 10 years ago

Nice one! Thanks for the info. :)