Boot directly into terminal - no GUI

  11 years ago

I thought I would write a brief tutorial on this since it was difficult to figure out on forums and other intermediate users may be interested...

For those of you who would like your Mint system to boot directly into console mode, it is quick and easy to do and easy to un-do as well.  This was difficult for me to figure out as Mint seems to operate somewhat differently than other Linux versions in terms of making this change.  This was written for Mint 10 64 bit.  Not sure how it may vary from other versions.

## The short version:

Edit your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file and add the word "text" after the words "quiet splash" under the section that starts with ### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###.  Be sure to use sudo to edit the file (don't use the " marks).

## The long version:

1. Make a copy of the file in case "something goes bad": cd /boot/grub > sudo cp grub.cfg grub.cfg.bakup.

2. Open the grub.cfg file (I prefer pico but use your editor of choice): sudo pico grub.cfg.

3. Use the arrow key to scroll down until you see ### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###.

4. Continue down a few lines more and find the line that resembles linux  /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.... ending in vga=792 quiet splash

5. Add the word "text" after "quiet splash" (no quotation marks)

6. Save the file: in pico use cntrl>x, y to replace and enter to save.

7. Reboot. Use terminal to get used to it: sudo shutdown -r now

8. Login using your normal login name and password.

## A couple of notes:

If you want to return to automatically booting into GUI mode, simply redo the above steps only removing the word "text".

To start GUI mode from console mode, simply type startx

To end GUI mode and return to console, simply logout using the Mint Menu.

You lose the ability to "switch users" in GUI mode.  Instead you need to logout to console, type exit and then login again using the different user's name and password.

If people find this post useful, I can write another with some of the cool programs I run from terminal and the tools I use to get many of my "home computer" needs done without GUI.

Good luck and enjoy.

abagl 6 years ago

When you have booted into no GUI you can always do :
[ctrl] + [alt] + [F1..9]
so you can have multiple sessions in the top it should said tty1 tty2 ....

you can also use [su - newuser] to change into that user and [ctrl] + [d] to logout and go back to previous user


bhx1138 11 years ago

I'd like to hear more about these cool programs we can run from terminal :)