Keyboard Shortcuts for the KDE Desktop

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1. Desktop Navigation

Start menu / Access applications

Alt + F1

Run new application

Alt + F2

Show desktop

Ctrl + Alt + D

Lock desktop / Switch active user

Ctrl + Alt + L

Task manager

Ctrl + Esc

Rename file


2. Desktop Shortcuts

File menu

Alt + F

Edit menu

Alt + E

View menu

Alt + V

Undo the last operation

Ctrl + Z

Redo the last operation

Shift + Ctrl + Z

Cut the selected area and store it in the clipboard

Ctrl + X

Copy the selected area into the clipboard

Ctrl + C

Paste contents of clipboard at cursor

Ctrl + V

Paste special

Ctrl + Shift + V

Select everything in focused control or window

Ctrl + A

3. Text Editing

Start of line


End of line


Start of document

Ctrl + Home

End of document

Ctrl + End

Previous word

Ctrl + left arrow

Next word

Ctrl + right arrow

Previous line break

Ctrl + up arrow (in Kword)

Next line break

Ctrl + down arrow (in Kword)

4. Text Formatting

Make selected text bold/regular

Ctrl + B

Toggle underlining of selected text

Ctrl + U

Make selected text italic/regular

Ctrl + I

5. Web Browsers

Bookmarks menu

Alt + B

URL Shortcuts (Adds www. + .com)

Ctrl + Enter

URL Shortcuts (Adds www. + .org)

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

URL Shortcuts (Adds www. + .net)

Shift + Enter

Add a bookmark for the current location

Ctrl + B

Manage bookmarks

Ctrl + Shift + R

Refresh a Webpage

Ctrl + R

6. Tab Management

Create new tab

Ctrl + Shift + N

Close current tab

Ctrl + W

Go to next tab

Ctrl + ,

Go to previous tab

Ctrl + .

7. Go Menu

Go to the previous location in history

Alt + left arrow

Go to the next location in history

Alt + right arrow

Go up one level in the navigation hierarchy

Alt + up arrow

Go to the starting page defined by the user or application

Ctrl + Home

8. Window Management

Switch to next focused window

Alt + Tab

Switch to previous focused window

Shift + Alt + Tab

Pop up window menu


Close the focused window


Move the focused window with the mouse

Alt + Mouse

Move the focused window

Alt + F3 then M then Arrow Keys

Resize the focused window

Alt+F3then Sthen Arrow Keys

Minimize the focused window

Win + minus (-)

Maximize the focused window

Win + plus (+)

Maximize horizontally

Win + equal sign (=)

Maximize vertically

Win + Space

Minimize all / Undo minimize all

Ctrl + Alt + D

Switch fullscreen/normal size


Show the window in full screen mode, with no border, menubar, toolbar or statusbar

Ctrl + Shift + F

Rollup/down window

Win + _ (underscore)

Move window to desktop x

Win + Alt + Fx (x=1 to 12)

Switch to next desktop

Win + Tab

Switch to previous desktop

Win + Shift + Tab

Switch to next desktop list

Ctrl + Tab

Switch to previous desktop list

Shift + Ctrl + Tab

Go to desktop x

Ctrl + Fx (x=1 to 12) or Shift + Ctrl + Fx

Show / hide desktop

Ctrl + Alt + D

Activate window demanding attention

Ctrl + Alt + A

Kill window

Ctrl + Alt + Esc

9. Widget Navigation

Moves keyboard focus to next control


Moves keyboard focus to previous control

Shift + Tab

Show context-sensitive help for currently focused window or control

Shift + F1

Give focus to window's menu bar


Pop up contextual menu for currently selected objects (a.k.a. context menu)

Windows Key

Toggle selected state of focused checkbox, radio button, or toggle button


Activate focused button, menu item etc.


Select/move to first item in selected widget


Select/move to last item in selected widget


10. Making screenshots

Save screenshot of entire screen as file

Print Screen

Save screenshot of window as file

Shift + Print Screen

11. User interface shortcuts

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Ctrl + Alt + F1

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Ctrl + Alt + F7

Reference: Wikipedia - Table of keyboard shortcuts

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