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 Run GNOME without gnome-panel.

Lot's of people prefer alternative docks/panels to gnome-panel. However, GNOME makes it very difficult to remove the gnome-panel from your session. Here's how to do so.

Create a file in your home folder called ".xinitrc" without the quotes. Add the following lines:



#!/usr/bin/env bash
compiz &
gnome-settings-daemon &
avant-window-navigator &
nautilus &
#!/usr/bin/env bash
compiz &
gnome-settings-daemon &
avant-window-navigator &
nautilus &


Replace 'compiz' with 'metacity' if you don't use desktop effects (you can also use any other window manager, eg. openbox). You can replace 'avant-window-navigator' with any dock of your choice. Now make the file executable by right clicking on it in the file manager (you need to press Ctrl+H to show the file because it is hidden) and clicking 'Properties' then click the 'Permissions' tab. Tick the 'allow executing file as a program' box.

Now, when you log in choose "User Defined Session" from the drop down menu on the bottom right. This will run your gnome-panel free desktop.

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Created: 7 years ago.
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7 years ago

This seems quite neat :) So.... this would allow me to run gnome-applets - such as Mint Menu - in an Openbox environment?  

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