Linux Mint 11 - some missing bits.

  12 years ago

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When you load Linux Mint 11 you may notice that a number of facilities have disappeared from the previous version. I have noticed two elements which may or may not bother you, but can be easily fixed through the Software Manager. They are NTP (where you can tie your system clock to an atomic clock on the internet) and, a number of Pulse Audio controls and tools, (for those who need greater control over your computers audio systems and essential if you use Audacity).

First of all, open up the Software Manager, under System in the Mint Menu.

Time and Date

Type 'gnome-time-admin' into the search box, select it and install gnome-time-admin

You should now find that the Time/Date icon has now appeared in the control centre and you should be able set up the NTP system.

Pulse Audio

Some parts of the Pulse Audio suite of programs are already installed as standard in Linux Mint 11 but to get full control you need to install the following:

  1. paman

  2. paprefs

  3. pavucontrol

  4. pavumeter


To avoid damage to any brick walls nearby, ensure you do not attempt any changes to compiz for the time being, (unless you know exactly what you are doing – see the release notes). You have been warned.  Now Look at for a solution to Compiz.

mikefreeman 12 years ago

Thanks for linking to my Compiz post! Between these two posts, we can have a really nice, complete, and (mostly) stable Mint 11!

genothomas 12 years ago

Really a missing tutorial.. :-)