Epson workforce 320 issues and all epson printers

  11 years ago

We bought an epson  workforce 320 multi functional printer scanner fax etc etc. seemed like no issues to get it going (I'm on LMDE) but the scanner utility was a bit of a hassel, so I thought I would write a quick tutorial in case anyone needed to know how to get this working properly.

First of all let's start with the easy one first.

Getting the printer to work

you will need to install the driver. You can get it here

search down to find your printer (it works for any epson printer) and if you do not have a multi function one then go here to choose your printer.

download and install through the deb installer.

Voila your done, it will now print.

Now the harder part, getting it to scan

You will need the iscan (imagescan) utility to get this working.

This can be found here

Scroll down choose your printer, it will take you to your download section here (for me)

If that last link turns out all chinese for some reason, then use the link before that and choose your scanner then operating system and click next, it'll bring you to it.

There are two files I downloaded from here. Under Scanner Driver

deb package  iscan-data_1.8.1-1_all.deb

and if you use a 32bit system

deb 32bit package iscan_2.26.3-1_i386.deb

or if you use a 64bit system


These are two files that will get the scanner working, now if you try to install it, one will install and one won't, it will ask you for a dependency which you will not have and you cannot apt-get it either because it is old as the hills, it needs the libltdl3  don't bother searching in the software manager you'll only find the libltdl7 (yes it is that outdated).

Next you need to go to ancient lenny packages (old lenny) and get that dependency, it is found here.

For the 64bit I chose the amd64 link and downloded the deb pack, for the 32bit I clicked on the i386 link and downloaded that deb pack (I use both 32bit and 64bit here). Install that lib file with the deb installer then go back and install the other iscan deb files, they will now install and your scanner will work.

This method should work with all versions because they also use the same method for ubuntu to get it going. I just chose debian instead of ubuntu.

Hope this helps







matthias77920 7 years ago

thanks a lot,

worked almost perfectly for my epson stylus sx130, you just need one other file : libtiff4_3.9.6-9ubuntu1_i386.deb