Make Nautilus address bar show text or breadcrumbs Mint

  12 years ago

You may have noticed in the recent versions of Nautilus the address bar no longer has the handy button to change from breadcrumbs (navigation buttons) to text. I find the text entry very handy for copying and pasting into the terminal, so here is the answer.

To change from breadcrumbs to text press Ctrl-L and to change back again press Esc. The address bar will change back to breadcrumbs when you refresh the view, normally by clicking on another folder. To make a permanent change open Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor (or Alt+F2 and enter gconf-editor) then go to apps/nautilus/preferences and tick the box that says always_use_location_entry.

If you wish to swap between the two views you will have to leave this unticked and use Ctrl-L and Esc.

If you are using 'Mate' in Mint 12 do this for 'Caja' (not 'Nautilus') with 'mateconf-editor' (not 'gconf-editor').Open 'mateconf-editor' then go to '/apps/caja/preferences' and tick the box that says 'always_use_location_entry'.

The Mint 12 instructions are from Kazztan0325
kazztan0325 12 years ago

You would be able to do this for 'Caja' (not 'Nautilus') with 'mateconf-editor' (not 'gconf-editor').

Open 'mateconf-editor' then go to '/apps/caja/preferences' and tick the box that says 'always_use_location_entry'.

finwake 12 years ago

The permanent change option is not working on Mint 12 with MATE. Hopefully someone will fix this...

Ctrl+L is working...

efthialex 12 years ago

Very nice tip. Thanks.

RayWoods 12 years ago

Nice and simple, that's the way I like it! Thanks.