How magical wget is?

  7 years ago

wget utility is the best option to download files from internet from Linux. wget can pretty much handle all complex download situations including large file downloads, recursive downloads, non-interactive downloads, multiple file downloads etc.

Here are some awesome examples:

1. Download Single File with wget

The following example downloads a single file from internet and stores in the current directory.

 $ wget

While downloading it will show a progress bar with the following information:

  • %age of download completion (for e.g. 31% as shown below)
  • Total amount of bytes downloaded so far (for e.g. 1,213,592 bytes as shown below)
  • Current download speed (for e.g. 68.2K/s as shown below)
  • Remaining time to download (for e.g. eta 34 seconds as shown below)

Download in progress:

 $ wget to: `strx25-'

31% [=================> 1,213,592   68.2K/s  eta 34s

Download completed:

 $ wget to: `strx25-'

100%[======================>] 3,852,374   76.8K/s   in 55s 

2009-09-25 11:15:30 (68.7 KB/s) - `strx25-' saved [3852374/3852374]

2. Download and Store With a Different File name Using wget -O

By default wget will pick the filename from the last word after last forward slash, which may not be appropriate always.

Wrong: Following example will download and store the file with name: download_script.php?src_id=7701

$ wget Even though the downloaded file is in zip format, it will get stored in the file as shown below.

$ ls download_script.php?src_id=7701 Correct: To correct this issue, we can specify the

output file name using the -O option as:

$ wget -O

3.Continue the Incomplete Download Using wget -c
Restart a download which got stopped in the middle using wget -c option as shown below.

 $ wget -c

This is very helpful when you have initiated a very big file download which got interrupted in the middle. Instead of starting the whole download again, you can start the download from where it got interrupted using option -c

Note: If a download is stopped in middle, when you restart the download again without the option -c, wget will append .1 to the filename automatically as a file with the previous name already exist. If a file with .1 already exist, it will download the file with .2 at the end.

MadhaniHarsh 7 years ago

@kazztan0325:definitely for sure.just do a single help,spread the more you can,and our mission of teaching everyone will be fulfilled.

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I hope you keep the way of explaining for beginners, because it seems there are not so many tutorials for beginners in Tutorials module.

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Alexio 7 years ago

You can also easily download entire websites using GNU Wget.

kazztan0325 7 years ago

The basic usage of a command 'wget' is explained carefully in this tutorial, though 'wget' has many many options.

I think @MadhaniHarsh is good at explanation for beginners.