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 Automated Linux Installation - Part 3

If you have read my other tutorials Automated Linux Installation - Part 1 and Automated Linux Installation - Part 2 you may now have find a way to easily setup your pc with minimal interaction and the way you like it.

But always doing it that way is nevertheless time consuming.

So, here is Part 3 !

Step 1
Set up your Linux System as you like it (the automated way or manually), make all the
needed changes and uninstall or install software .... (don`t save any personal data at this moment on your newly installed machine !)

Step 2
add the following repository to your sources.list
deb karmic/
or put this line in your to do it automatically (like in Part 2)
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb karmic/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'

This will install remastersys on your Linux System !

Step 3
Start remastersys (All Applications / Remastersys Backup)
Click on Backup and then on OK.
After a short while your iso was generated in /home/remastersys/remastersys called custom.iso
[For more information go to the remastersys homepage]

Step 4
Take this iso and prepare an usb stick the way explained in my Tutorial Automated Linux Installation - Part 1

With your newly prepared usb stick it takes about 15 Minutes to setup your new Linux System with everything you need and with every modifications. And it is hardware independet (except for some restricted drivers, f.e. Nvidia Graphiccard Drivers) !!! (but i have not tested it on so many different hardware configurations :-()

Enjoy !!!

PS: If you only want to start it as "Live CD" -> Simply use Unetbootin and don`t modify the syslinux.cfg and the .seed files !!!

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3 years ago

Here is how to install remastersys on LinuxMint 17 :;page=remastersys  
4 years ago

GILINUX doesn' work...How can I do ?  
7 years ago

Grate tutorials! thank you!  

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