How to make a LiveCD (Using Brasero In Mint)

  10 years ago

           [I wrote this tutorial for a friend of mine, I figured I would post it here as well. I'll add Screen Shots later]    

Step one:

Make your way to the linux mint home page, and find your way to the downloads section and pick the version / CPU architecture you are using. For convenience sake I will provide the link to the page for the regular edition here:

Step two:

Download the version you want to install in the time it will take you to download the file you should get the following things:

                                                - A cup of coffee (Quite possibly the most crucial thing you need)

                                                - A CD to install the ISO on and put the CD into the computer

Step three:

Once the ISO is downloaded go into your menu, move to “Sound and Video” And open Brasero.

Step four:

                                When the menu pops up in the program click on the: “Burn Image” box

Step five:

A box will pop up with a few options the only one you should have to worry about is the “Select Disk Image to Write” button, click on it. The typical “Navigate to the file you want to install” box should pop up. If you are using firefox, then the file will be in your Downloads directory by default.  Select the file and let it fly.

Step Six:

After the ISO is installed to then you simply reboot the system and enjoy your live environment. You can also install from there.

-Hope you all enjoy :)-

dsiddens 7 years ago

Thank you, Cythes. Just what a GUI guy, me, wants. Thank you.