customizing the default browser in cinnamon

  8 years ago

Until they get to a nice configuration tool it's neccessary to change the cinnamon settings using gsetting.

The default browser is firefox, but I prefer chromium, so I ran these commands to change the default


I did this using version 1.1.3 - also works in 1.2.0. They now have a nice configuration tool, but it doesn't yet allow changing the browser.


To change the launchers at the bottom left of the screen, I used


 gsettings set org.cinnamon panel-launchers "['chromium-browser.desktop','gnome-terminal.desktop', 'nautilus.desktop']"
$ gsettings set org.cinnamon panel-launchers "['chromium-browser.desktop','gnome-terminal.desktop', 'nautilus.desktop']"
To change the favourites, which appear on the left when menu is clicked I used
$ gsettings set org.cinnamon favorite-apps "['chromium-browser.desktop', 'mintInstall.desktop', 'gnome-tweak-tool.desktop', 'xchat.desktop', 'gnome-terminal.desktop', 'nautilus.desktop']"
kerykeion 7 years ago

This might be a dated tutorial, but you may always choose the icon of the program and right-click it. Choose where you want to put it, either on the panel or favorites.


cc11rocks 8 years ago

dconf-tools is a useful GUI tool I've used to configure Cinnamon, as well as other system settings. "dconf-tools" and "dconf" are the package. To run it, type in the terminal "dconf-editor".