How to hide or remove some ChanServ messages in Xchat

  11 years ago

Hi all,

more than two months I was looking for script which will simply clean up my chat-windows in my xchat, specially when I am on channels where is more than 180 people (for example linuxmint-help channel)

Well couldn't find anything :) so I've decided to write my own script for this o_0

You can download my script for xchat only from >>here<<. It works on xchat 2.8.8 by 100%

What it does?

This hide/remove ChanServ messages about:

join, quit and message about voice, but leave all other messages displaying as usual

how to install:

  1. extract the script from Clean-ChanServ-Garbage.tar.gz archive
  2. on your linuxmint distribution go to the home folder
  3. press keyboards ctrl + h (ctrl and h together)
  4. drop script in to .xchat folder
  5. restart xchat client
  6. thats it, now enjoy! :)

hope this make your irc chat bit more clean and more enjoyable.. have fun! :)


mockturtl 8 years ago


Note the target folder is `~/.config/hexchat/addons/`.