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 Login, Shutdown and Command Terminal CLI (Video Tutorial)

Hi Guys,

I am not able to embed the video here; wished I could make it easier for you. 

See it at my blog:  LinuxMint Simply Beautiful: Login, Shutdown and Command Terminal CLI

In case you read Chinese: 中文版本 - LinuxMint古朴典雅: 登录,关闭和指挥终端(CLI)

LinuxMint Simply Beautiful

Session 001: Login, Shutdown and Command Terminal (CLI)


LinuxMint 11 64bit 2.6.38-8-generic


Hi Guys,
Introducing Linux Mint Simply Beautiful!
Well, I have decided to start a new series in Bite-Size Linux, Day-by-Day to capture the beauty of using Linux Mint, its simple and elegant experience.
All these while we are still Celebrating our Chinese Lunar New Year in Singapore.
It has been a rewarding experience learning more about Video Editing in Linux. Jumping from a variety of tools to get things done up: RecordMyDesktop, XVidCap, PiTiVi, Kdenlive, and how Xdamage affect Video Editing.
And most importantly, it's been a joy to be able to present you the finish product.
May your quest in Linux made more enjoyable and interesting!
Yours sincerely,
Blessed Beloved Bob (Guruwannabe)

Session Coverage

  • Login
    • Click your username
    • Enter your Password
    • Press [Enter] or Click [Login] button
  • Command Terminal CLI
    • Click [Menu] > Select "Terminal" to launch it
    • Type "command" or "terminal" in [Search Box]
    • Tips: Right-Click to "Add to Desktop" or "Add to Panel"
    • Click on Panel icon
    • Right-Click Desktop > Select "Open in Terminal" from Short-cut menu
      • We will explore more of this in future Sessions
    • type "exit" to end the Terminal Session
  • Shutdown
    • Click [Menu] > "Quit"
      • Select Shutdown
      • Restart
      • Suspend
      • Hibernate
      • System will Auto-shutdown in 60 seconds
  • Logout
    • Click [Menu] > "Logout"
      • You may logout or switch user from here
  • Login Options
    • you may change "Language, Keyboard layout and Gnome Settings
    • before login again
  • Shutdown (@ Login Screen)
    • "Power" button @ bottom-right corner
  • 'til the next session @

Adios Amigos!

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