How to stop & start X server in Linux Mint 12

  10 years ago

As you probably know, to install the Nvidia drivers for Linux you need to stop the x server. To stop the x server in Linux Mint 12 (or maybe other linux distros that use Gnome 3) you must run the following command:

sudo service lightdm stop


To start the interface all you need to do is replace “stop” with “start” in the previous command:

sudo service lightdm start
kirgo4720z 8 years ago

You can try sudo service mdm stop - it helped me.

frenchmustard 9 years ago

For the two users trying this in Mint 14. The display manager lightdm has been replaced with mdm (mate display manager) if you are running with the cinnamon or MATE desktops (maybe xfce also). I think this change took place with the release of Mint 13.

Just use the same command as in the tutorial but replace lightdm with mdm.

I haven't got a KDE version installed but I assume you will need to replace lightdm with kdm on that desktop.

iori_yagami 9 years ago

I tried to stop that server, but I found out it doesn't even exist oO
I get this message :
lightdm: unrecognized service

I'm blocked :/