Change User Image in Mint 12 KDE

  11 years ago

During initial installation of Linux Mint 12 KDE, you will be able to assign a user image from System Settings screen.

  • Go to System Settings screen

Menu > Applications > Settings > System Settings

  • Double-click Account Details under Common Appearance and Behavior
  • Select Password & User Account

However, after installing the latest updates you'll receive the following error message.


The following steps will enable the user to change the user image.

  1. Go to System Settings main screen
  2. Double-click Login Screen under System Administration
  3. Click Users tab
  4. On User Image Source, click User, System
  5. Finally, click the Apply button

You would then be required to login your user password.

Note: Make sure that your user account has administrative privilege.

Hint: Usually, the first user created during installation of Mint  will have this privilege.

You may have to logout and login again to apply the changes made to security settings.

Go back to System Settings > Account Details > Password & User Account and change the user image.