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 Run Spotify on Linux Mint with Wine

NOTE: This tutorial is copied from Spotify support.

I do not claim to have made this tutorial, nor discovering any secrets techniques. Just passing it on:)

1) Click here to install Wine.

2) Configure Wine

Select the Audio tab and make sure only OSS Driver is checked in the driver list. In the frame DirectSound below, make sure Hardware Acceleration is Emulation and Default Sample Rate is 44100 and Default Bits Per Sample is 16.

3) Download the Spotify Installer for Windows

Right click the installer .EXE file, and click "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader"

Wine version required?


Version 1.0 and later seems to work ok. You can see which version you are running with the following command in a terminal:

  wine --version

It is recommended to install Wine that comes with your Linux distribution, but sometimes upgrading to a newer version help if you are having problems. The latest version is available on the Wine Homepage.

Playback stutter

Make sure OSS driver is the only selected driver in the Wine configuration (start it from Applications menu or enter winecfg in a terminal). If that does not help, check if any of the other drivers work better. Most people experiencing stuttering are running a recent version of Ubuntu which is running Pulseaudio and use the ALSA driver in Wine.

Playback sounds distorted, a metallic noise, noticable on high frequencies


It is probably caused by a bad resampling from some audio component in the audio chain from Spotify to your soundcard, via Wine and sound servers and drivers. It might help to set Hardware Acceleration Emulation, Default Sample Rate 44100, Default Bits Per Sample 16. Most music in Spotify have a sample rate of 44.1kHz and many soundcards today play only 48kHz.

Playing local files

Spotify uses the native mp3 decoder in Windows instead of including its own. The mp3 decoder in Wine makes Spotify excessively unstable on quite a few mp3 files, including some from our purchase partners. We are therefore blocking codecs with the identifier “WINE-MPEG3″ until the Wine system works satisfactorily.

It goes without saying, but please don’t import any music into Spotify that you don’t legally own.

Import friends from Facebook

If you can’t import friends from Facebook in the client it is probably because of problems with the embedded web browser in Wine. It is possible to import your Facebook friends from your account overview on the Spotify website.

Opening spotify links in web browsers

The installer adds keys to the registry in Wine so that web browsers can handle spotify links, but this is not picked up by web browsers in Linux.

  mv $HOME/.wine $HOME/.wine.bak

and redo the installation again.




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6 years ago

is there any way to install wine 1.2 offline?????  
7 years ago

Now you can download a linux version of Spotify from their website. Works like a charm here, but I guess U guys already know about that.  
7 years ago

Very useful to have these here. One extra step--which wasn't obvious to a complete newbie--was changing the permissions on Spotify Installer.exe before the Mint installer would run it.  
7 years ago

Edit: Removed the screenshots since they aren't really doing any good.

7 years ago

Yes, resize screenshots, please :)  
7 years ago

Could you resize the screenshots, please?  

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