OCR in Linux Mint

  9 years ago

Often the normal user wants to scan individual documents in Linux and processed
with an OCR program. The problem is to find a useful program and use easily.

This tutorial is a simple way to do what written above.

gscan2pdf and tesseract-ocr are included in the official repositories.
It must be the following packages


and the desired tesseract-ocr language packs are installed.

To do this, please use the software manager.


To meet now the package dependencies you have to copy the following command to a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install libgtk2-imageview-perl  libgtk2-ex-simple-list-perl  libsane-perl liblocale-gettext-perl sane-utils libtiff-tools libpdf-api2-perl  libconfig-general-perl perlmagick  imagemagick librsvg2-common  libset-intspan-perl libhtml-parser-perl  libgoo-canvas-perl  libproc-processtable-perl libreadonly-perl  liblog-log4perl-perl libforks-perl

(one line)


After the packages are installed already all the work is done.

You can gscan2pdf from the
Start Menu  => "Applications => Graphics => gscan2pdf"
Starting out.

Everything else should be self explanatory. You can as a .pdf, .text or otherwise
store and processe.


(I did this in Main Vers.9 LTS)


amicalmant 1 year ago

Hi guys! This tuto has not been updated since a while. I wonder if it is still current. Thanks!

Gadien 6 years ago

That's handy input. Thankyou for your efforts making this tutorial