Asus N55SL subwoofer

  7 years ago

When you first install the subwoofer provided with Asus N55SL laptop (, it doesn't work at all. This is because alsa drivers are not capable to correctly manage the output proprietary 3,5 jack of the subwoofer.

Fortunately, guys of alsa-project have released a fantastic tool to debug HDA devices that is called HDA Analyzer ( and with which it was possible for me to find a solution.

So, to turn on your subwoofer, simply download and use this script:

Mr_Windmill 7 years ago

Hey I have the same laptop (N55SL) with this problem. I'm not very familiar with python. I downloaded your script from pastebin, saved it as a .py file, and ran "sudo python .py", but it didn't work. Am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

zeno78 7 years ago

Thanks efthialex for your vote and for your suggestion.
I will modify the tutorial very soon.

efthialex 7 years ago

I promote your article cause you give us a solution for a problem, but It would be nice if you could be more specific and detailed for newbie users.