Get fortune cookies on your terminal

  9 years ago

This is a purely fun thing. You might wanna get your daily fortune cookie whenever you open your terminal. Here’s a way to do this. You need to have fortune installed. So go ahead and install fortune.

sudo yum install fortune or

sudo apt-get install fortune

depending on your distro. Let’s try it out.I got this.

Looks good but it can be made much fancier. How abt having tux or a dead cow say the fortune cookie. Install cowsay the same way as you did for fortune. Let’s try it out.

Haha ! look a dead cow :P . There are a lot of options in cowsay . You can change the animal’s eyes, tongue etc … . Wouldn’t you like some fortune cookie to pop up whenever you open a new terminal. It’s simple. Go ahead and edit the .bashrc file. Add the following line

fortune | cowsay -f tux

inside the if block in the file. Save the .bashrc file and then try opening a new terminal. Voila

Can’t beat that :D . You can experiment with fortune and cowsay. You can choose the type of cookies that you get with fortune like explicit, famous sayings etc.

Cheerios \m/


sirfmoyo 4 years ago

any idea how i can enable this in opensuse

jahid_0903014 7 years ago


mintweike 9 years ago

Cool! I get my deer back again!

By the way! Linus Torvalds really did say that words?

crismblog 9 years ago

Many do not know what to do and why do these tutorials, even if simple.

chassum 9 years ago

That's what I'm talking about! Seriously, little things like this can make the command-line more exciting for a whole new generation of Linux users.