Run Command on Login

  9 years ago

 The command you choose is ran after login has occured.  A great example of how to use this is demonstrated using synergy client to connect to a synergy server [Link].

To run a command at startup for Linux Mint 14 (KDE)

  1. Menu -> System Settings -> Startup & Shutdown -> Autostart
  2. Click: Add Program
  3. Type: synergyc

    * Note, the command in this example connects a syngery client to the host


To run a command at startup for Linux Mint 12 and 13.

  1. Menu -> Preferences -> Startup Applications
  2. Click Add
  3. Give Name: Synergy
  4. Command:  synergyc SERVERNAME
    1. where server name is likely your hostname.
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To clarify, things have simplified, and the use of .bashrc or /etc/init.d are discuraged, As per discussion

grimdestripador 9 years ago

Updated Instructions to include Linux Mint 14 (KDE)