make your 3G usb modem work

  12 years ago

Most 3G USB Modems with a Micro SD slot will not work on Mint. 
Linux is confused whether the USB dongle is a flashdisk/modem/CD-ROM

Here's the solution: 
Go to the Terminal and enter this code:

sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch

this will install both the usb-modeswitch and the usb-modeswitch-data.  Alternatively, you can just go the Software Manager and install usb-modeswitch.  

Credit goes to Liam Green Hughes of who made the usb-modeswitch

nitindahiya 10 years ago

use sakis 3g it's best and i use it for my micromax 3g works perfectly but sms service can't be used.

numn 12 years ago

I used sakis3g alot!

its a script like UMTSMon which connects
to your 3G-GSM-Device!

#if you prefere bash-mode

#otherwise it starts a graphical interface

tux-flo 12 years ago

And after this you can get an Internet-connection with the tool "UMTSMon" :)

fego 12 years ago

Easy and quick !
Thanks a lot.
Feliciano (Leon,Spain)