Playback Sound Recording in Linux Mint

  10 years ago

Playback sound is the sound which is played in system or computer, For example a song played in music player, voice of a movie, system sounds, sound effects in games etc.


By default, Sound recorder records sound from Mic (External sound).  Pulse Audio Volume Control is used to change settings to record Playback sound.  Install Pulse Audio Volume control either from software manager (listed under name pavucontrol) or from terminal by typing following command:

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol


Then follow the steps written under:

1. Start Sound Recorder and start idle recording. Don't play sound which is to be recorded right now.

2. Open Pulse Audio Volume Control by typing pavucontrol in terminal or launch it graphically.  (In Gnome-shell, it is listed as Pulse Audio Volume Control, not as pavucontrol)

3. Under recording tab, change Internal Audio Analog Stereo to Monitor of Internal Audio Analog Stereo. This will set recording source  from mic to system sound.

4.  Now play the sound which has to be recorded.


Note:  1.  Recording tab of Pulse Audio Volume control will work only when sound recording is started, otherwise it will be disabled. That's why idle recording should be started before changing settings in Recording tab.

2. To record from mic, revert the settings.

rpr-nospam 8 years ago

In Linux Mint 16 I haven't been able to record sound from mic or
any other source with the Sound Recorder (gnome-sound-recorder).

Instead I installed Audio Recorder which works great -- see